Pottery workshops Zagreb

This February pottery workshops Zagreb are more popular than ever before.

February is a month of love and  love is a source of all happiness.  When we make something with our hands, an effort driven reward cycle is activated. That means, a little play with clay creates love for ourselves and for people around us. I assume that must be one of the reasons why our ceramics courses are full. Love and happiness are best gifts.

Luckily we also offer individual pottery workshops in Zagreb, Croatia.

Hand building individual workshops for 1 to 9 people (up to 30 people for individually tailored team building) and experience potters wheel explorers workshops.


Ceramic gifts

Birds of Happiness are a beautiful source of happiness and you can find them in our web shop HERE 

When you  attend a pottery workshops in Zagreb in our studio you can also check the available Birds of Happiness on the shelves in Art Studio Laura Rainbow.

Clay is the queen of our pottery workshops and the students make various objects, but personalised gifts are a favourite.

Mostly students choose to make personalised tea mugs and coffee cups. They make a universal gift.

Some students arrange to attend several pottery workshops in Zagreb and get more skilled with shaping clay. Sometimes they are able to create small sculptures, figurines and decorative objects during the pottery workshops.


Ceramic figurines and ceramic mugs and cups

We could say that Birds of Happiness are ceramic figurines. They are a fantastic original hand made unique gift for  your friends and family. In Croatia and Europe. But mostly people gift them to themselves. They choose the Bird of Happiness who sings for them.

Som will gift themselves their own ceramic piece they made with their own two hands during the pottery workshop Zagreb.  That makes them happy every time they sip tea or coffee. They feel the effort driven reward all over again.

The pottery workshops are even more special when shared with your family, friends or colleagues from work. Yes, team building are a fantastic rewarding pottery workshop in our studio in Zagreb.

Team building pottery workshops

In fact it’s fantastic to be gifted a pottery workshop by your employer.

It gives you a chance to connect with your colleagues on a whole another level. You bond over a lump of clay and have something to talk about the following week. You remember that feeling of camaraderie during the pottery workshop Zagreb and breath with more ease.

Personalised business gifts are made during some of our team building pottery workshops. Names of companies, business partners, moto and logo, it can all be etched in soft clay during the pottery workshop Zagreb in Art Studio Laura Rainbow.


Sometimes the team building potter workshop in Zagreb is timed with somebody’s birthday. If it’s a bosses birthday, everyone is happy, as they know what to get her A Bird of Happiness for the boss is the best birthday gift. Which gets wrapped during the workshop and is ready for the next week birthday celebration.

The boss gets the Bird of Happiness and she is happy, and hen the boss is happy, her employees are happy too. And more productive  I suppose that must be one of the reasons why are our pottery workshops in Art Studio Laura Rainbow (5 minutes by car from Arena Shopping center) in Zagreb so popular.

Gift card or a gift voucher

Recipe for happiness can be lovely clay+ fine wine+ some creativity+ a coffee cup or two, or a freshly created tea mug, hand made from a lump of clay+ a ceramic Bird of Happiness  taken home as a gift for yourself or someone you love and respect.

You can find all of that in pottery workshop in Zagreb. That is the best gift to present to yourself, your friend, family and colleagues. Regardless of whether it’s an individual  hand building pottery workshop, individual explorers experience pottery workshop or group pottery workshop.

Those who cannot make up their mind can choose a gift card.  Gift cards can be exchanged for pottery workshops Zagreb or for Birds of Happiness and everyone is happy.

You can be happy too! Buy a ceramic Bird of Happiness and come to the pottery workshop!