This is a story of a life changing ceramics course.

Just like she unexpectedly met her husband on a blind date which changed her surname to Rainbow, going to the ceramic course changed Laura’s career and set her on a new path in life. 

Grounding qualities of clay proved to be a magical magnet but at first playing with clay was just a hobby.

After 12 years of learning and practising hand building, throwing and alternative firing Laura become an independent ceramicist and in 2019. turned her hobby into a business.

In an age of mass consumerism, instant gratification and digital technology, she created collections of fine ceramics with the soul. Gifts that you can present to your dear ones and know they will ennoble their home and personalise their working place.

The  collection of Birds of Happiness emerged. Created entirely by hand, no moulds, no wheels, almost no tools. Only Laura’s hands, the clay and the cosmic energy. Tactile, made from the heart and bursting with immense love. Perfect presents for dearest people.

Laura is happy to belong to Croatian and international creative art circles. She is thrilled to have found her supportive art tribes. With her family’s help, she is living the dream she didn’t even know she had.

When she is not creating ceramics, Laura is running courses and workshops  with great enthusiasm and happiness. Creating ceramics and teaching students in her studio in the Croatian capital Zagreb became a way of life.

By offering courses and workshops she is providing creative heavens and break from reality to many women seeking a new hobby. Even though some of them believe themselves as non creative and non-arty, they come to Laura’s studio in order to have a break from their daily routines and careers.

Perhaps going to a ceramics course doesn’t change everyones life, but it always provides a chance to make something with ones own hands.  When you experience the atmosphere in a ceramic studio and become a proud owner of the newest flock of Birds of Happiness you also become a part of the creative community and part of this story.

I create from clay spontaneously, to feel alive, to feel calm, to feel grounded, to feel happy and I am immensely grateful that I can share those feelings with my students.