1. Where is Brezovica?

It’s the southern most part of Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

2. Why shall I buy Birds of Happiness?

Because the original one of a kind gifts are always receiived with happiness and gratitude. It’s always noce to receive a gift made by human hand, infused with positive energy and good vibrations. Birds of Happiness look equally stunning  perched on bookshelves, side bed cabinets, or on a mantelpiece, fireplace,office furniture, conference tables. They look their best in flocks of 3 or more.  Their mission is to share pure  happiness amongst people whi touch them. They are here to evoke feeling of freedom, and childhood carefree moments. All those are reason to make make your purchase now.

3. How can I buy Birds of Happiness?

Place your chosen Bird of a whole flock in the backet, pay by a card or internet/mobile banking.

4. I’m in a hurry.

If you happen to be in Zagreb, Croatia, get in touch and arrange a personal visit to our studio. You can choose ceramics directly from our shelves. Prior agreement is obligatory.

5. How shall I arrange the private viewing/ personal visit to the studio?

Send an email  or message 0915005000

6. What are the delivery terms?

With a prior arrangement, you can collect in person. We aim to post your order the next working day. We deliver in person to Zagreb addresses.

7. How much is the delivery?

It depends on the destination address and it will be calculated at checkout. Orders over a certain amount are free.

8. Do you deliver internationally?

Of course. Orders over a certain amount are free even for the international destinations.

9. Is gift wrap possible?

Yes, just tick the gift wrap box at the checkout.

10. I’m not sure if the receiver of my gift prefers ceramics, or a workshop or a course.

In that case get a gift card.

11. I want to buy a gift card but want to keep it a surprise.

In that case, make sure to write your own email address in sender’s and receiver’s boxes.

12. Where did the inspiration for Birds of Happiness come from?

A large bird sat in front of Laura’s studio window. The rest of the story read here

13. What is the difference between traditional and alternative firing methods?

Traditionally the items are stacked in the cold kiln, fired overnight and cooled for the next 36 hours or more. Once the kiln is completely cool it can be emptied with bare hands. Alternative methods of firing involve open fire, smoke and removing the ember red glowing ceramics from an incandescent kiln with long iron tongs.

14. Who are the ceramics courses tailored for?

For adults seeking new hobby, needing a break from everyday routine, wanting some me-time and experience work with clay. It’s a gentle way to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and learnt to make ceramics.

15. I have no experience but I always wanted to work with clay.

The course is aimed at total beginners. No experience is necessery. Apply now  or email to arrange individual workshops. Contact us

16. How can I arrange individual workshop?

Send an email and suggest 2 or 3 dates that suit you. Contact us.

17. What do I get at the course?

The tuition, use of all necessary tools, materials, glazes, clays, special paints, ceramic glazes, oxides, 2 firings in ceramic kilns, free parking, selection of teas, coffee, peace, mindfulness, new friends and a new hobby. 

18. When is the new course starting date and is there a free place for me?

Check the next starting date here  and definitely apply to our newsletter

19. I would like to join the 12 week course but I’m not sure if I will like it

We don’t do taster sessions, but you can always arrange an individual workshop and see if you like playing with clay.

20. I would like to apply for the 12 week course but I’m not sure I will be able to attend every week.

It’s the best not to miss any classes, especially during the very first two months of the beginners course, but we know that life can be unpredictable at times. We want you to be able to follow the course’s program and subsequently join intermediate and advanced groups. Therefore you are permitted to make up maximum of 3 three missed classed during each 12 week cycle completely free of charge. If you miss more than 3, we can arrange individual workshops. 

21. How much in advance do I need to arrange individual workshops?

24 hours to 12 months in advance.

22. What is the difference between a course and a workshop?


Students choose everything, the number of workshops, the dates, the subject, even the people they want to attend the workshop with. Some bring a friend, or their mum, sister, work colleagues, neighbours. Some book  workshop to celebrate birthdays. Some bring their husband or a partner and have an intimate anniversary party. Others organize team buildings.  The choice is yours. Pottery wheel throwing explorer experience workshop can be for one or two people and the number of workshops and the dates are agreed individually.

COURSES are carefully structured in advance by Laura. Everything is planned, the date & time, the topics & techniques. Students meet once a week for 12 weeks and there is a pottery throwdown party at the end. The numbers are limited. Registration in advance is obligatory. 

The ceramics you make at the workshop or during the courses are fully functional and can be kept by yourself or gifted to loved ones.

If you can bear to part from them.