What gift can you give to someone who already has everything?

Is it a good gift when we present ourselves with more stuff?

Have you ever thought about the fact that we have so much stuff already and we still gift material gifts to ourselves and others. Perhaps its to hard to ask ourselves what gift to give.

We all  sometimes give presents because “we have to” and usually, at least in Croatia, we give money. Those are thoughtless and feelingless gifts. 

Sometimes we are the grateful receivers of such gift. We accept the money and then we spend it buying something we think we need.

Latter we realise that what we bought is mass produced, has no soul and lacks meaning.  We easily part with, recycle it, throw it away or give it away as a present.

Why do we give present and how do we know what gift to give?

Our intention, of course, is to demonstrate our love, appreciation and respect. We forget that receiver of such gift will feel it’s lack of energy, originality and love and most likely get rid of it too. Thus creating more rubbish in the landfills.

On the other hand some gifts we got have a deeper meaning. Some have grown to represent a happy moment a memory, a feeling we want to cherish and remember forever. Some gifts remind us of dear people and become precious treasures.

Some presents were given to us by our children or friends and some we created with our own two hands. Those are the most difficult to pass on. We gift those when we really want to make someone happy. Ourselves included.

Sometimes we are little bit embarrassed because we are not sure if our hand made gift is worthy or good enough. We gift it to our mums and in the process her home gets personalised. 


Home made gifts

Our homes are very important to most of us. We know what gift to present to ourselves. We want to make our home special and we fill it with things that we need but more important, things that make us happy.

We love to have a home that is different from our neighbour’s. We love it to reflect our personality. The easiest way to do that is to fill it with things we made with our own two hands, paintings we painted, cushions we have sawn, decorations we made. 

What gift is forever?

Regardless of our creative abilities, not everyone is able to paint or skilled enough to sculpt. We lack knowledge, resources, materials, skills, patience, time.

We are aware of the fact that somebody else will make a better job of creating something we want to wake up to every morning and see it on our side bed cabinet, on our desk or a bookshelf.

We know that someone else is more able to channel our own feelings into a painting or a photograph. 

Someone else might be able to create a sculpture out of wood, or stone, paper, wool or clay. A sculpture that will make us happy for years to come.

For that precise reason we buy original art that somebody else created. Those originals displayed in our own homes are clear reflections of our soul.

Sometimes we buy gifts “for the house”. But in reality it’s a present for ourselves. We buy presents to reward or console ourselves. We buy them to create mementos for  anniversaries and birthdays. They cheer us up and fill our space with positivity.

We like to have our working places personalised too. Original art in our workspace is an inspirational reflection of our own personality and  originality.

Gifts with a soul for our soul

Sometimes we keep a gift we intended for another.

This completes the circle of this blog.

Our homes are full of stuff, but we have started to differentiate between the stuff we should get rid of and the things we want to attract more of. Gifts for our soul.

It’s easy to see what brings smile to our face, what we want to stroke or hold. The items that lift vibration inside and around us, stay . We soround ourselves with gifts for our soul. Such items go with us when we change jobs and move houses. 

German artist, of Hungarian origins Dodo Newton has done exactly that and the reel where she talks about her move has inspired this blog. You can see the reel on her instagram account and see her art here

Thank you for reading and happy choosing of your next piece of art. We are all in this together. If this blog has inspired to to ask yourself what gift has a soul and where to get it, visit our web shop. Choose a gift with a soul that will last forever.